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+ What shall I bring?

We have tried to make coming to a class as easy as possible, yoga mats are free. The only thing you need is a sticky towel. You can bring your own if you have got one, rent one for £1 or buy one from us.

You may also need water to sip, you can buy it for £1.50 or bring your own.

+ What shall I wear?

Wear activewear clothing that is fitted, otherwise tops can ride up over your head in certain postures, breathable fabric is best. Men practice in shorts that are fitted at the top of the legs. Men can choose whether to wear a top or not. Ladies, shorts or Capri leggings are great as long as they fit snugly on the thighs. Crop tops and vest tops with a bra support or racer back are most suited.

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+ How often shall I come?

Come as often as you can, Yoga is good for you. The more you practise, the more you will benefit.

+ Will Hot Yoga make me lose weight?

Yes, practising Yoga encourages you to live a healthier lifestyle. You will naturally become conscious of what food you eat. A person burns approximately 600-800 calories per hour when practising hot yoga. 1lb of body fat contains 3500 calories. If you do not eat extra or diet, you will lose at least 1lb of body fat in 5 classes. Reducing your calorie intake and choosing healthier foods will also help you lose weight. Holding poses in intense heat builds deep muscle tissue which burns more stored fat.

+ Can I eat before class?

Not really, do not eat before class as we will be bending and twisting your abdomen and internal organs. We are all different; some of us take longer to digest food than others. You will soon find out how long before practice you can eat, we suggest that you leave at least 2 hours between eating and practising Yoga. If you have to eat, have something light like soup or fruit juice.

+ Is there anyone who Hot Yoga isn't suitable for?

  • People who are fasting.
  • Anyone who has a fever.
  • Anyone who has had recent chemotherapy.
  • Anyone who has any specific medical concern, always consult your doctor before and inform your teacher at the studio.

+ Can pregnant women practise Hot Yoga?

If you are pregnant, and have less than 6 months experience of practicing hot yoga regularly we do not advise it. We always recommend that you consult your doctor as a precaution. If you do practise, it is suggested that you attend Pregnant Women only classes.

+ I have asthma, can I still come to Hot Yoga?

Yes! Yoga will increase your lung strength and may reduce the asthma symptoms. It will also lower your stress levels. Please bring your inhaler with you. Avoid any rapid breathing exercises, for example Kapalabhati, retaining breath or throat tightening Ujjayi breathing. Please let your instructor know if you suffer with asthma, they will be able to guide you through which exercises to avoid.

+ What if I am not flexible?

You do not need to be flexible to practice yoga; increased flexibility will come in time as you practice. Most of us spend our day sitting down at work or engaging in repetitive motion that shortens muscles. Practicing yoga enables you to lengthen your muscles and release built up toxins.

+ What will my first experience be like?

You can come to acclimatisation classes on the timetable that are really useful. Your body will love you for practicing hot yoga, but be warned at first it may tell you what you are doing is too hard for it! Most people tell the same story about their first ever class, it starts with you wondering how you will cope with the heat, never mind doing the postures and it ends with you relaxing on the mat questioning why you had never done this fantastic HOT yoga before, you feel amazing and want to feel like this every day and so your HOT yoga journey begins and your Hot yoga body appears.

+ What will my first experience be like?

6 hours notice is required. See our Terms & Conditions for further information.

+ What will my first experience be like?

There is ample street parking close by or use Waitrose Car Park. Alternatively, we have a secure bike store.

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