Lisa Murray - Yoga Teacher and Studio Director

Yoga Teacher & Studio Director

My background and training qualification is Hatha Vinyasa Yoga. I trained in the UK and I’m REPS registered and certified. I have trained in the Far East and Europe and worked in all the local health and fitness clubs.

I have practiced other styles of Yoga, from Astanga when I’ve wanted power and strength, Yin Yoga when I’ve felt the need to surrender and release energy. I’ll always love Classical Yoga, it’s sacred, nurturing and spiritual for me.

Hot Yoga is my passion, teaching alignment and flow through Hatha Vinyasa fills me with a sense of abundance and peace.

My meditation practice is Vipassana and I attend at least one course a year. If you come to my class then you will get a flavour of Vipassana meditation at the beginning of each session. I truly believe it will set you up for an amazing class and the potential of an amazing day.

“I teach from the heart – this enables me to stay with my students. Flowing mindfully with the breath into strong and purposeful asanas, feeling grounded and whole. Allowing your mind and body to surrender to the practice will enhance your flexibility as you let go of resistance. You will leave class feeling centred, nurtured and rejuvenated, possibly amazing!


There are poor yoga teachers, there are good yoga teachers and then there is Lisa. Relax initially with a mindfully empty mind as you drift into a state of equanimity. Then, as the session begins, experience the gradual build up to ever more complex yoga positions. Unlike many yoga sessions however, you will not find familiar routines endlessly repeated, you will experience a new flow of yoga moves with each and every session. Unwind at the end of each practice with Savasana and then feel eager to start the rest of your day.
— Yoga Student, Roger Grindrod