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Hotspot Yoga is a Yoga Sanctuary where we encourage our students to take shelter on a mat

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Hotspot Yoga is a small authentic yoga studio with a huge heart.

We are unique in that we know each and every student by name, honour and respect their personal reasons for coming to practice. Healing is universal and we all want to experience peace and contentment.

Healing happens the moment you relax and surrender to your vulnerability. You will be confronted with inner strength and purpose.

Your search has brought you to us, commit to your life moving forward, you have the ability to make the life you choose.

If you suffer stress and fatigue, anxiety and depression, shame and self-hatred; this can be treated through yoga.

Discover self-love, self-worth. The ability to grow into the beautiful being that you truly are.

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Yoga practiced at 32-40 degrees

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About Hotspot Yoga

Hotspot Yoga is based in the heart of Southsea. 

It is our privilege to welcome each student with open arms. We honour who you are, your name and what you are seeking to overcome.

Our styles of yoga practice are unique and diverse – like our teachers and students.

Our aim is to support you in finding the right temperature or practice that compliments your needs.

Rediscover the best version of you on a mat.

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I just wanted to say a big thank you for last Friday’s hot yoga class, concentrating on opening up the heart. I left the class feeling fantastic and I was buzzing all weekend. I could feel my breathing was deeper and calmer and I was literally grinning the whole weekend about how good my body felt. All my interactions were positive too, something I hadn’t expected but I’m sure came from my good feelings being reflected back.

My frozen shoulder is much less painful and movement is easier than it has been for weeks. I’m sure this is a benefit of the heat, as well as your expert guidance and personal encouragement.

Thank you again - I can’t wait for the next class!
— Richard
I love hotspot yoga, after every session my mind feels calm and my body energised. Yoga has helped me to find peace within myself, when things get stressful at university. My journey with yoga has only just begun and I’m excited for the future. Hotspot yoga has a vast variety of teachers for all types of yoga, there’s a style for everyone. The studio is immaculate everyday with wonderful facilities to shower off afterwards.
— Philip
I take part in a number of different exercise classes and I can honestly say my class at Hotspot Yoga on a saturday morning is by far my favourite. The community is so welcoming and Lisa’s classes leave me feeling calm, relaxed and sets me up perfectly for a positive weekend. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to improve their overall well being with the added benefit of becoming part of a wonderful community.
— Jenni
I have been going to Hotspot Yoga for just over a year now and it has been one of the best things I have started since moving to Southsea. I have found a studio with great students, teachers and helpers. Everyone has been welcoming and because we all practice together I have pushed myself to new limits. On days where I was too stressed or agitated Hotspot Yoga is the space when I feel comfortable to stretch through it or to just relax in the heat. Every teacher has their own uniqueness and they love to get to know their students and help guide them through their own yoga journey. I am very excited to continue yoga for the rest of my life now and would like to personally thank Hotspot Yoga!
— Darcy
I’ve been a student at Hotspot for a number of years and can’t recomend the studio enough. Hotspot is the first and longest standing hot yoga studio, and the teaching there stands testament to this. There’s a variety of different classes with different teachers, all offering varying styles and pace of yoga. Lisa and her team take the time to know you as a person - to know why you are there and what you’re looking to gain from your practice. I think it’s that personal aspect that sets the studio apart from others in the area. They also have hot showers too, which is an absolute bonus after a hot class! Highly recommended.
— Laura
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yoga is the heart of what we do