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+ What shall I bring?

A sticky towell, or £1 to rent one. £20 to buy one.

Water £1.50 to buy it.

+ What shall I wear?

Men mostly practice topless or a vest top, fitted leggings or fitted shorts for modesty coverage.

Ladies yogawear that is sweat wicking or quick drying fabric. Fitted for modesty coverage.

+ How often shall I come?

Come as often as you can, Yoga is good for you. The more you practise, the more you will benefit.

+ Will Hot Yoga help me lose weight?

Yes. Practicing yoga encourages a healthier lifestyle. You can burn 600-800 calories.

+ Can I eat before class?

Not really, do not eat before class as we will be bending and twisting your abdomen and internal organs. We all have different digestive systems and you'll soon find out how long before practice you can eat.

At least leave two hours between eating and practicing yoga.

+ Is there anyone who Hot Yoga isn't suitable for?

  • pregnant women
  • having IVF treatment
  • anyone with specific medical concerns should always consult their doctor

+ I have asthma, can I still come to Hot Yoga?

Yes! Yoga will increase your lung strength and may reduce the asthma symptoms. It will also lower your stress levels. Please bring your inhaler with you. Avoid any rapid breathing exercises, for example Kapalabhati, retaining breath or throat tightening Ujjayi breathing. Please let your teacher know if you suffer with asthma, they will be able to guide you through which exercises to avoid.

+ What if I am not flexible?

All the more reason to come!

+ What will my first experience Hot/Warm Yoga be like?

That will depend upon whether you listen to your teacher or your ego.

Follow your heart, be kind to your body, your experience of connecting disientgrated parts of you back together can be: humbling, challenging, relaxing, rewarding, profound, helpful, cathartic, enegising, amazing.

And so your hot journey begins whilst your hot body repairs.

+ Can I cancel?

You can cancel 3 hours before a class and keep your pass. See our terms and conditions point 9.2.

+ Where can I park?

There is ample street parking close by or use Waitrose Car Park. Alternatively, we have a secure bike store.